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Solar Heater Metal Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube

Solar Heater Metal Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube

1. For the solar heater metal heat pipe vacuum tube, the ALN/ALN-SS/CU selective coating is applied to a slice of aluminum fin instead of the wall of vacuum tube, which greatly increases the effective heat-absorbing area. Heat is conducted via the liquid medium in the heat pipe between the double layers of aluminum fins, and the vacuum tube serves for heat insulation.

2. This vacuum tube with metal heat pipe is characterized by high heating efficiency, advanced heat transfer mode, good selective absorptive coating, and great heat preservation.

3. The unique connection between the metal heat pipe and the vacuum tube ensures good sealing effect.

4. With wide application range, the heat pipe evacuated tube can start quickly on cloudy days. Since no water flows into the vacuum tube, there is no lowering of heating efficiency due to frozen cracking or scaling. In fact, the tube can work normally even at the temperature of -50℃.

5. Independent vacuum tubes make the solar hot water system more reliable. As each tube works independently, the whole system can still function even if some of the tubes are damaged.

6. The replacement of damaged vacuum tubes is very easy.

7. Our solar heater metal heat pipe vacuum tube enjoys a service life of more than 15 years.

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