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Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Used to collect heat by absorbing sunlight, the heat pipe solar collector contains a vacuum tube and a red copper heat pipe inside. The use of heat pipes brings many benefits, including fast start, no scaling, etc.

With the vacuum tube inclined at an angle, the selective coating on the inner tube converts solar energy into heat which is then transferred to the heat pipe via aluminum fin. When heated, the liquid medium in the heat pipe changes into a vapor which rises to the condenser. When passing through the heat exchanger, the heat is absorbed and the temperature is lowered, causing the vapor to become liquid and return to the bottom of the heat pipe. This heat transfer process continues as long as the heat pipe solar collector is being heated by the sun.

Although the boiling point of the heat transfer fluid is only 25-30℃, its freezing point is the same as water, which is 0℃. As the heat pipe is located within the vacuum tube, it will not freeze even if the overnight temperature reaches -30℃ for a short time.

1. The heat pipe solar collector boasts high heat efficiency. The temperature at the top of the condenser can reach 250℃.
2. The heat pipe is made of red copper and it transfers heat via a liquid medium.
3. No water flowing inside the vacuum tube makes the collector more resistant to low temperatures.
4. Our solar energy collection device has a strong aluminum alloy manifold with ventilation design for better wind resistance.
5. It can withstand high working pressure.
6. Due to modular design, the evacuated tube solar collector is easy to install.

1. Vacuum tube: Borosilicate glass 58×1800mm
2. Heat pipe: Red copper
3. Joint box: Aluminum alloy / stainless steel
4. Bracket: Aluminum alloy / galvanized steel

1. Material: Rock wool
2. Thickness: 35mm

Working pressure: 0.6MPa
Testing pressure: 1.2MPa
Hail resistance: Φ25mm
Certificate: ISO9001: 2000, CE certificates
Warranty: 3-year international quality guarantee
Packaging: Vacuum tube / carton, manifold / carton, joint box / carton, bracket / carton

Technical Data of KD-SC-HP Heat Pipe Solar Collector

Model Aperture Area( m2 ) Volume(L) Gross Weight(kg) 20GP/40GP/40HC
Loading Qty(sets)
KD-SC-HP58/1800-10 1.31 100L 75 140/300/340
KD-SC-HP58/1800-15 1.97 150L 130 92/200/228
KD-SC-HP58/1800-20 2.62 200L 153 70/150/170
KD-SC-HP58/1800-25 3.49 250L 162 56/120/136
KD-SC-HP58/1800-30 3.93 300L 214 46/100/112
KD-SC-HP58/1800-40 5.22 400L 273 35/75/85
KD-SC-HP58/1800-50 6.55 500L 350 28/60/68
Kaisundun is a specialized heat pipe solar collector manufacturer based in China. Our products include vacuum tube solar collector, flat plate solar collector, solar panel, solar water heater, heat pump water heater, wind turbine generator, and more.
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