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Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Solar Collector

Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Solar Collector

As a key component of a solar water heater, the heat pipe evacuated tube solar collector is used to capture solar energy and convert it into thermal energy which is then used to heat domestic water. This solar thermal collector consists of a glass evacuated tube and a red copper heat pipe which is placed inside the evacuated tube.

Working Principle
The selective coating on the inner vacuum tube converts solar energy into heat and the heat is transferred to the heat pipe via an aluminum fin. When heated, the medium liquid in the heat pipe changes into vapor which rises to the condenser at the top of the heat pipe. When the vapor passes through the heat exchanger, the heat is absorbed and the temperature is lowered, then the vapor becomes liquid and returns to the bottom of the heat pipe. This process continues as long as the heat pipe solar collector is heated by the sun.

The vacuum tube should be inclined at an angle, so as to make the process of vaporizing and condensing function.

Even though the boiling point of the medium liquid is only 25-30℃, its freezing point is the same as water, 0℃. Since the heat pipe is located within the vacuum tube, it will not freeze even if the temperature reaches -30℃ for a short time at night.

1. The heat pipe solar collector boasts high heat efficiency. The temperature at the condenser could be as high as 250℃.
2. The heat pipe is made of red copper and the heat is transferred via a liquid medium.
3. The strong aluminum alloy manifold is designed with ventilation structure for better wind resistance.
4. As there is no water flowing inside the vacuum tube, the collector is more resistant to low temperatures.
5. The heat pipe evacuated tube solar collector can withstand high working pressure.
6. It has a modular design for easy installation.

1. Vacuum tube: Borosilicate glass 58×1800mm
2. Heat pipe: Red copper
3. Joint box: Aluminum alloy / stainless steel
4. Bracket: Aluminum alloy / galvanized steel

1. Material: Rock wool
2. Thickness: 65mm

Working pressure: 0.6MPa
Testing pressure: 1.2MPa
Hail resistance: Φ25mm
Certificate: ISO9001: 2000, CE certificates
Warranty: 3-year international quality guarantee
Packaging: Vacuum tube / carton, manifold / carton, joint box / carton, bracket / carton

Technical Data of KD-SC-HPX Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Solar Collector

Model Aperture Area( m2 ) Volume(L) Gross weight(kg) 20GP/40GP/40HC
Loading Qty (sets)
KD-SC-HPX 58/1800-10 1.31 100L 77 135/295/330
KD-SC-HPX 58/1800-15 1.97 150L 133 90/196/224
KD-SC-HPX 58/1800-20 2.62 200L 157 68/146/166
KD-SC-HPX 58/1800-25 3.49 250L 167 54/116/132
KD-SC-HPX 58/1800-30 3.93 300L 220 44/98/108
KD-SC-HPX 58/1800-40 5.22 400L 281 33/72/81
KD-SC-HPX 58/1800-50 6.55 500L 360 27/58/66

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