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Solar Collector

  • Glass Vacuum Tube Solar CollectorOur solar collector uses a double-walled borosilicate glass vacuum tube to absorb heat. It offers high heat efficiency and is economically priced. This evacuated tube collector is suitable for use in regions with good sunshine conditions and winter temperatures above -20℃.
  • Highly-absorptive Vacuum Tube Solar CollectorThe highly-absorptive vacuum tube solar collector, as its name suggests, uses highly-absorptive vacuum tube for solar energy collection. It provides high thermal efficiency and reasonable price. The solar thermal collector operates normally even at the temperature of -20℃ in winter.
  • Heat Pipe Solar CollectorThe heat pipe is made of red copper and it transfers heat via a liquid medium.
    No water flowing inside the vacuum tube makes the collector more resistant to low temperatures.
    Our solar energy collection device has a strong aluminum alloy manifold with ventilation design for better wind resistance.
  • Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Solar CollectorAs a key component of a solar water heater, the heat pipe evacuated tube solar collector is used to capture solar energy and convert it into thermal energy which is then used to heat domestic water.This solar thermal collector consists of a glass evacuated tube and a red copper heat pipe which is placed inside the evacuated tube.
  • Metal Heat Pipe Solar CollectorThe metal heat pipe solar collector is used to collect solar energy for the heating of water or buildings. It consists of vacuum tube, red copper heat pipe, metal heat absorption wing, and manifold.
  • U-Pipe Solar CollectorThe U-pipe solar collector is characterized by good water circulation, high heat transfer efficiency, as well as no risk of tube breaking and leaking. It mainly consists of U-shaped water pipe, highly-absorptive vacuum tube, insulation layer, and frame.
  • Flat Plate Solar Collector Suitable for residential or commercial solar water heating projects, the flat plate solar collector, a key component of the flat plate solar water heater, consists of absorber plate, glass cover, insulation layer, and shell.

The solar collector is a key component of a solar hot water system and central heating system. It mainly consists of vacuum tubes, manifold, joint box, bracket, and controller. Due to its modular design, the solar thermal collector is easy to install.

Our solar energy collector comes in a variety of specifications for customers to choose from. We can also design solar collectors according to customer demands and local sunshine conditions.

We are a professional solar collector manufacturer in China. We offer glass vacuum tube solar collector, heat pipe solar collector, U-pipe solar collector, and flat plate solar collector. We also provide solar water heater, solar panel, heat pump water pump, and other related products.

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