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Solar Panel

  • Monocrystalline Solar PanelA solar cell, also called photovoltaic cell or photoelectric cell, is a solid state electrical device that directly converts solar energy into electricity by using the photovoltaic effect. The conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells can reach 29% in theory.
  • OFF-grid Solar SystemThe KD-PV-1KW off-grid solar system uses the solar panel to convert solar energy into electric energy which is used to charge batteries and power loads. The addition of an inverter allows the off-gird solar power system to convert direct current coming from the batteries into alternating current which can be directly applied to household appliances.
Solar Panel

Directly converting solar energy into electric energy, the solar panel is a modular component of the photovoltaic (PV) system. It usually consists of glass, EVA, TPT, solar cell, aluminum alloy frame, and stand.

Detailed Information
Glass: Low-iron hardened steel, 3.2mm thick, transmission ratio over 91%
EVA: 0.78mm thick, EVA is the sealing layer of solar cell between the glass and TPT. It has a high transmission ratio and aging resistance performance.
TPT: TPT is the white plastic cover on the back of the solar panel, which reflects the sunlight from the back and helps lower the temperature of the PV panel.
Solar cell: Monocrystalline solar cell with high efficiency (14.5%), guarantee the output of solar module
Frame: Aluminium alloy frame to protect solar cells
Stand: Aluminium alloy or stainless steel

Kaisundun is a specialized solar panel manufacturer in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including off-grid solar system, wind turbine generator, solar water heater, split solar water heating system, heat pipe solar collector, and others.

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