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Our high performance equipment and attention to quality improve our production efficiency. We have thirty sets of vacuum tube plating machines, a semiautomatic vacuum tube production line, and a pressurized water tank production line that allow us to produce 10,000,000 vacuum tubes as well as 600,000 sets of solar water heaters and solar collectors. Filling large orders efficiently is no problem at Kaisundun.

Borosilicate Glass Tube
Cutting of Glass Tube
Sealing of Glass Tube Ends
Sealed Outer Tube
Coating on the Outer Wall of Inner Tube
AL-N/AL Coating
Stress Relief Heat Treatment
Evacuation of Glass Tube

Laser Engraved Logo
Vacuum Tube Workshop
Export Packing of Vacuum Tube
Water Tank Punching Machine
Inner Tank
Pressure Testing of Water Tank
Polyurethane Foaming Insulation
Packaged Water Tank

Inner tank of pressurized water tank
Automatic glass tube cleaner 2
Automatic glass tube cleaner 1
Automatic glass tube cleaner 3

Glass tube cutter 2
Glass tube cutter 1
Cut borosilicate glass tubes with desired length 1500mm,1800mm and 2100mm
Lab for inspecting vacuum tubes

Vacuum tube sealing machine
Enameled inner tank of water tank
Reflectors for solar water heater
Laser welding machine

Outer tank of non-pressure water tank
Non-pressure water tank punching machine
Copper coil for pressurized water tank
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